Private In-Office Managing Medical Emergencies 3 HR LIVE Interactive Webinar




This live webinar will give you the guidance you’ll need to assist a patient or an employee in your office that’s experiencing a true medical emergency


*Understanding of the most common medical emergencies in presentation and treatment options.
*Review of vital signs, medical health history, and documentation
*Understanding what drugs are in an emergency drug kit, their indications, contraindications, dose and route of administration

Course Description:

This course will teach you and your staff the fundamentals of handling medical emergencies. It will answer the following questions: *Is there a protocol for managing a medical emergency in your office? *What action would be taken? *Who is responsible for documentation? *What drugs or equipment should be readily available in the office? This course will prepare your office and staff for a variety of emergencies. This course is recommended for the entire dental team.


Credits:       3 CEU’s  for the 3 Hour Webinar for Managing Medical Emergencies  

Location:    All classes are at this time Live Webinars 

Instructor: Joe Rector EMT  BS ENG., OSHA Authorized General Industry OutReach Trainer

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For Offices with up to 15 Employees, With Offices that have 16-25 Employees