NATE Specialties Certification EXAM

NATE Specialties Certification EXAM


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NATE Certification

Technicians with two or more years of experience can earn installation, service or senior certification in one or more of the installation or service specialty areas shown in the exam listing. A technician must pass both the core and a specialty exam to be NATE-certified.


NATE offers the following Installation and Service Specialties exams:  The exams are given either written or online: both administered at our school. Unless otherwise requested the exam  is given in English.  You must request a Spanish written exam at time of purchase.  You will be given 2 1/2 hours to complete the Specialties exam.

Exam Specialties

Installation: Air Conditioning, Installation: Air to Air Heat Pump, Installation: Gas Heating (Air), Service: Air Conditioning, Service: Air Conditioning (Spanish), Service: Air Distribution, Service: Commercial Refrigeration, Service: Heat Pump (Air to Air), Service: Heat Pump (Air to Air) Spanish, Service: Gas Heating (Air), Service: Gas Heating (Air) Spanish, Service: Hydronics Gas, Service: Hydronics Oil, Service Light Commercial Refrigeration, Service Oil Heating (Air)