Radon Measurement Technician Course – 16 Hours: Live or Taped

Radon Measurement Technician Course – 16 Hours: Live or Taped



This program is an approved professional 16-hour entry level New Jersey Radon Measurement Technician course which will help individuals understand the methods that are used in radon testing for real estate purposes for 1 to 4 family dwellings.


You have 3 options to take this program.

LIVE IN PERSON – This program is held at our school:

Attend a live training class at our school. Our professional instructors are or have been involved in Radon Measurement testing. They demonstrate and show the equipment that is used in the industry.

There are quizzes given during the class and reviewed to ensure the student is ready to take a State or Nationally recognized exam.  The final exam is taken online, you must score 70% or better to receive the certification. The final exam may be taken as many times as needed as they have randomized questions. Be sure to refresh your computer after each attempt to track the new score.

Our live training provides students with proper information on how to successfully handle various situations that may occur during Radon Measurement and Mitigation. There are breaks and a lunch break during the class. Teacher may not be present at our school but the program would be presented as a live interactive webinar where you can ask questions and speak to the teacher in real time.

Live Interactive Webinar:  you will receive your zoom link one day prior to the program.  You must have a webcam, tablet or phone, you are not required to have a microphone as you can type questions and the instructor will respond.    THIS IS A LIVE CLASS; you are attending from your location via Zoom platform.

Digitally recorded ONLINE:  This program is self-paced and no time limit is imposed.

The course is not a previously recorded class, but an audio/visual PowerPoint Presentation where the experienced instructor presents the course in a manner geared to the individual. The online course has a downloadable manual, handouts, and videos that are needed to attain an understanding of Radon Measurement.

The course is great for busy working professionals who take the online training at their own convenience. There are quizzes and a timed exam. Further, you have the option of reviewing your answers and/or retaking the final exam to achieve a better score. This will help to ensure you are ready to take a State or Nationally recognized exam.  You will receive a link to the course via email.

When you purchase the digitally recorded online course, you will be sent a link with your username and password within 3 business days. This link will come from ECAN’s Online-EDU learning portal, we are a sponsor for their programs.   After the successful completion of the course, your certificate will be emailed within 1 business day.

Course Description: 

Our course will also explore how and where to market your new professional service and explain to your client the next steps to take after the initial radon test results. 

New Jersey Radon Measurement Initial Certification Overview

As of April 1, 2016, individuals who want to become a New Jersey certified radon measurement professional must attend an entry-level training course approved by NRPP/NRSB for the number of hours required by the certification category. For Radon Measurement Technician, it is 16 hours.

Individuals will also need to take and pass the NRSB/NRPP-New Jersey Certification Examination after the training course.  NRSB/NRPP administers the NJDEP exams through these organizations.


NOTE – It is very important to understand there are two states, Florida,  and Ohio who  will only accept live classroom or live webinar as a qualification for initial radon licensing.



Course Selections

Live Webinar Wed. May 8 & Thurs. May 9, 2024 Time: 9am to 5pm, Attend at our School Wed. May 8 & Thurs. May 9, 2024 Time: 9am to 5pm, Taped program to do at your own pace