Medical Emergencies in the Health Care Specialties HOME STUDY BOOK (Downloadable)

Medical Emergencies in the Health Care Specialties HOME STUDY BOOK (Downloadable)



Medical Emergencies in the Health Care Specialties Home Study Book

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The purpose of this home study course is to provide members of the healthcare team with information that could help them in the case of a medical emergency in the office—primarily cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, drug abuse and respiratory events.¬† This booklet will discuss types of events that could occur, office preparation and prevention.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this booklet, the reader should be able to:
1. Describe proper office preparation and how to prevent emergencies in the healthcare specialist office.
2. Identify signs and symptoms of different types of medical emergencies and explain how to react properly.
3. Identify the anatomy of the airway and explain the different kinds of airway obstruction.
4. List office and occupational hazards and describe treatments and prevention.
5. Differentiate between allergen, antigen, and antibody.
6. Name the signs and symptoms of the different types of epilepsy and describe the treatment and prevention of each.
7. List the different types of cerebrovascular accidents; describe the signs, symptoms and the immediate treatment for CVAs in the healthcare specialist office.

This booklet is downloadable. Once you purchase this booklet, you will receive a link to download the material with your course confirmation.

Upon Completion of the Home Study book, the quiz at the end must be mailed or faxed in to receive your credits. Credits are earned as of the date the quiz is received at our facility.

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