Manual Lymph Drainage – 4-Day Hands-On Program


Manual Lymph Drainage – 4-Day Hands-On Program



Join us for a 4-day, 30-hour in-person Manual Lymph Drainage course. This course is a combination of lecture and hands-on practice of techniques. Students must attend all 4 class days.

Tuition: $999 through 8/22/23, then $1025 through 9/8/23.

Approved for 30 CEUs for massage therapists through the NCBTMB for all states but New York. The Institute for Continuing Education is an Approved Provider with the NCBTMB # 307800-00.

The Lymph System is the body’s waste management system.  It is made up of a network of low-pressure vessels which provide a route for the return of interstitial fluid to the blood vessels.  A complex network of lymph vessels, ducts and nodes is present throughout the body to move the fluid and also provide immune functions.  This course is designed to teach the students about the Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymph system as well as techniques and routines that will manually assist with lymph drainage.  This is a 30-hour class taught in four 7.5-hour sessions.

Students should bring: fitted sheet and flat sheet; a blanket is optional.

Throughout this course, students will:

  • identify the anatomy and physiology of the lymph system
  • identify the techniques most commonly used for manual lymph drainage
  • identify and perform the Routine and techniques for Head, Face and Neck
  • identify the direction of lymph flow in the body
  • list the indications and contraindications for manual lymph drainage
  • perform proper draping techniques for MLD
  • identify the pathologies for upper body and upper extremities that would require MLD
  • identify and perform the routines and techniques for upper body and upper extremities
  • define Anastomosis
  • identify the pathologies that would require anastomosis
  • identify and perform the routines and techniques for each type of anastomosis
  • identify pathologies for lower body and extremities that would require MLD
  • perform routines using proper techniques for lower body and extremities
  • identify pathologies that would require an Immune Boost MLD session
  • identify indications and contraindications for immune boost MLD session
  • identify and perform techniques and routines for an immune boost MLD session
  • identify and perform routines for Dry Brushing
  • identify the anatomy, physiology, techniques used, indication and contraindications of the Lymph system – full review
  • identify when MLD can be used with other bodywork techniques
  • identify proper intake procedures and forms
  • identify proper treatment session structure after intake
  • identify and perform proper treatment after being given random case study

Instructor: Joanna Mosto Paganotti, LMT

Joanna has been a massage therapist since 2007, which, continues down a path she began in 2001 when she became a Reiki practitioner and started her study of medicinal plants. She maintains a private practice, Balance Massage and Energy Healing, LLC and in 2009 began teaching massage and bodywork as well as energy work and meditation. From 2009 to 2017, she was a Massage and Bodywork Instructor at Institute for Therapeutic Massage and worked in 2013 as a Bodywork Instructor and Clinic Supervisor at Fortis Institute.

She has expanded her knowledge of mind-body work, studying CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, Past Life Regression with Brian Weiss, Access Bars with Access Consciousness, Pre and Post Natal massage with Cheryl Chapman and most recently, the Spurgeon Method™ of Breast Massage Levels 1 and 2 with Sally Spurgeon. Joanna believes that bodywork and energy work should not be a luxury but rather a step on your path towards well-being.

She teaches the following continuing education classes at The Institute for Continuing Education: Manual Lymph Drainage, Medical Massage for Frozen Shoulder, Medical Massage for Sciatica and Pre and Post Natal Massage.


The Institute for Continuing Education follows COVID-19 protocols in place for NJ vocational schools.



Days 1 and 2: Wednesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 14, 2023 9:00am-5:00pm each day and Days 3 and 4: Wednesday, September 27 and Thursday, September 28, 2023 9:00am-5:00pm each day