LIVE WEBINAR .. Working Safely with Flammables – Keeping Your Facility from Going BOOM!

LIVE WEBINAR .. Working Safely with Flammables – Keeping Your Facility from Going BOOM!



This Program is a LIVE WEBINAR:

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NJ Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (Land Surveyor Classes are individually Approved)
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You will receive a link for this presentation one day prior to the program

Upon Completion of this program the participant will be able to:

*Understand the hazards of flammable liquids & dusts

*Understand the particular hazards of distilleries

*Know methods to mitigate the hazards

*Understand State and Federal building & fire codes applicable to these facilities

Course Description:

This program will review the basics of flammable liquids and combustible dusts with the potential hazards they present. It will review some common means to eliminate or minimize the hazards presented when a facility is working with and transporting these materials. Some of the topics discussed include:

> Ignition sources

> Oxygen removal

> Fuel containment

> Explosion-proof electrical classes

> Controlling static electricity

Then, the program moves into applying these to a new and rapidly growing industry across the US – distilleries producing craft beverages. Several case studies of incidents are presented at the end.

Engineers who would benefit from this course:  Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, and Process Engineers.



Ross Topliff is a professional engineer and the principal at Tops Engineering, PLLC where he is a high level business strategy consultant focusing on improving manufacturing efficiency and waste reduction. During his 35+ years working in industry, he worked with bulk chemicals, flavors and fragrances, semiconductor, and medical devices as an engineer, supervisor, and production manager. Throughout, he had a strong emphasis on safety and efficient operations, serving on several emergency response teams and as a volunteer fireman.


Mr. Topliff has an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. His work has been published in “Chemical Engineering Progress” and “Chemical Engineering” magazines, among others. He has also presented to wide audiences through “Industry Week”, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, the New York State Building Officials Conference, and the American Distilling Institute. When not practicing engineering he is a pastor in the United Methodist Church.



LIVE WEBINAR: Thursday, June 10, 2021 7:00-9:00pm