Medical Law – Home Study

Medical Law – Home Study


**Approved by the ASRT for Category A continuing education credit – an approved continuing education provider of ARRT

This is a Home Study Course for Chapter 26 in the textbook “Introduction to Radiologic & Imaging Sciences & Patient Care” , seventh edition by: Arlene Adler and Richard Carlton

Course Description:

Radiologic Technologists are legally liable for their actions in the daily performance of diagnostic procedures and patient management. They must know, understand and follow the appropriate standard of care and should be well versed in current practice, recommended procedural considerations, and patient rights.

Course Objectives:

  1. Differentiate among the various types of law.
  2. Outline how the standard of care is established for radiologic technologists.
  3. Discuss the concept of tortious conduct and causes of action that may arise from the behavior of a health care practitioner.
  4. Argue the importance of privacy of records and the relationship between privacy of records and patient confidentiality issues.
  5. Explain negligence and the four elements necessary to meet the burden of proof in a medical negligence claim.
  6. Explain the legal theory of res ipsa loquitur and how an attorney may use it in a claim of medical negligence.
  7. Illustrate how a hospital may be liable under the doctrine of respondeat superior.
  8. Justify the need for informed consent.
  9. Outline the information a patient must have before an informed consent may be given.


Ceu’s:  1.25 CE credits 

Location:  Home study complete at your own pace

Here is the process to completing our home study course:

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  5. Take the Quiz
  6. Return the Quiz and survey to ICE
  7. ICE will email your certificate


Approval Date: January 2, 2019 – February 2, 2020 Your courses must be completed by February 2, 2020 for you to earn your credits.

Upon Completion of the Home Study, the quiz answer sheet must be emailed | mailed | faxed in to receive your credits. Credits are earned when the Quiz is received at our facility. Then you will be emailed your certificate. The certificate will be dated with the date it was received.  NOTE:  Once purchased, these cannot be returned for refund.

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