The Underpinning of Distressed Foundations/Significance of Sustainable & Resilient Critical Infrastructure: Live Webinar

The Underpinning of Distressed Foundations/Significance of Sustainable & Resilient Critical Infrastructure: Live Webinar



This program is a Live Interactive Webinar:

Sunday February 12, 2023  Time 8am to 12pm am session, 12:30pm to 4:30pm afternoon Session 


You will need an i-phone, i-pad, lap top, or desk top to view it.  You WILL need a microphone and webcam. Teacher must be able to see and speak with you during the class to verify your attendance.

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The Underpinning of Distressed Foundation  Am session: 8am to 12pm   4 Professional Development Credits 

This seminar/presentation describes the basic concept of the underpinning of distressed foundations. It deals with the temporary and permanent support to existing foundations in order to provide additional depth or to increase the soil’s bearing capacity.  The intent is to support the structure without failure and without settlement that would be detrimental to its integrity or function. Many types of foundation underpinning are reviewed and methods of analysis are presented under a variety of soil and foundation conditions. Construction processes are also referenced based on specific projects.  The Underpinning of Foundations deals with the temporary and permanent support to existing foundations in order to provide additional depth or to increase the soil’s bearing capacity. Underpinning is a repair process that strengthens foundations which have been weakened by a variety of factors. In the process of underpinning, the area underneath the load of the foundation is repaired, made strong or reinforced. Underpinning comes in many types and suits different kinds of repair projects. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to understand the structure of the whole foundation, the supports used and the factors that cause the foundation to crack or get damaged.


This Major Highlights of this course are

  • What is Distressed foundation of structure?
  • What is underpinning of distressed foundation and Why it is needed?
  • Basic guidelines for underpinning of distressed foundation
  • Underpinning of foundation common methods
  • Common problems encountered in underpinning of foundation:

SIGNIFICANCE OF SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS: Afternoon Session: 12:30pm to 4:30pm   – 4 Professional Development Credits 

Course Description:

Infrastructure is the set of structural elements that supports the day-to-day lives, and influences the direction of humanity. Most of our existing infrastructure (Including transportation) system are not sustainable and resilient. It is important to understand the significance of sustainable and resilient critical infrastructure systems. Sustainable and resilient critical infrastructure systems is an emerging thought in an evolving era of depleting natural and man-made assets to provide a sustainable and high quality of life with optimized resources from social, economic, societal and environmental considerations. Sustainable infrastructure refers to the designing, building, and operating of these structural elements in ways that do not diminish the social, economic and ecological processes required to maintain human equity, diversity, and the functionality of natural systems. Infrastructure resilience is the ability to reduce the magnitude and/or duration of disruptive events. The effectiveness of a resilient infrastructure or enterprise depends upon its ability to anticipate, absorb, adapt to, and/or rapidly recover from a potentially disruptive event. Sustainable infrastructure enhances quality of life for people, increases positive impacts (benefits), helps protect our vital natural resources and environment.



Avinash Prasad, PE, LS, NYU PhD(Candidate), MSCE, MSEM, F.ASCE, M.AREMA, M.NYSAPLS, M.PMI, M.AISC, FF, EMT

Mr. Avinash Prasad is a Licensed Professional Engineer, LandSurveyor with approximately three decades of professional experiencein civil engineering & management field since his graduation inengineering. He is a Doctor of Philosophy (candidate) at New YorkUniversity. His ongoing doctorate degree at NYU major isConstruction Management and minors are Structural Engineering &Technology Management. He has double Masters of Science Degreesin Civil Engineering and Engineering Management from New Jerseyinstitute of technology, NJ and BS Degree in Civil Engineering. He hasmore than 1000 hours of continuous professional education asinstructor/participating professional (1990-2019) excluding formaleducation. He is a (NJ) state certified emergency medical technician(EMT), emergency medical responder (EMR), fire fighter (FF). He isalso a certified CPR, AED administer. He is a FELLOW of AmericanSociety of Civil Engineers and also an active member of severalprofessional organizations such as: AREMA, PMI, AISC, NYSAPLS,IPWE, IRT and IIBE. His research papers have been accepted andpublished by several technical magazines including Railway Age andRailway Track & structures. His technical papers were accepted inAREMA, ASCE & NYSAPLS conference proceedings forpresentation and or publication multiple times.


LIVE WEBINAR Sun. Feb. 12, 2023 ALL DAY, Live Webinar: AM only, Live Webinar Afternoon only