Live Webinar: Structural Home Inspection: 4 PDU’s

Live Webinar: Structural Home Inspection: 4 PDU’s



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Date:   Sunday April 24, 2022   

Time: 12:30pm to 4:30pm


Structural Home Inspection    4 PDU’s 

The presenter being registered professional engineer and home inspector in multiple states has performed multiple structural inspection of residential and commercial building. This presentation will include many real life examples of structural inspection of residential and commercial buildings. Every now and then, there is news of structural failures of different types of residential and commercial building. Some of the structural failures are due to improper structural inspection. It is imperative for home inspectors and or engineers to know the structural behavior of different types of residential and commercial building.It (this presentation) offers coverage of the concepts of analysis of structures. The various topics include basic structural analysis of beam, column, truss, frames etc. and their combinations. The analysis includes loading, shear force, bending moment, slope and deflection diagrams. This presentation also covers innovative methods to quickly analyze a complex building structure with real life examples and methods to avoid blunders in structural inspections. This presentation will include template of structural items which needs to be verified during structural inspection of residential and commercial buildings.



Mr. Avinash Prasad is a Licensed Professional Engineer, Land Surveyor with more than three decades of professional experience in civil engineering, surveying & management field since his graduation. He has recently earned Doctor of Philosophy degree from New York University in Civil Engineering. He has double Master of Science Degrees in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management from New Jersey institute of technology, NJ and BS Degree in Civil Engineering. He has more than 2000 hours of continuous professional education as instructor/participating professional (1990-2021) excluding formal education. He is a (NJ) state certified emergency medical technician (EMT), emergency medical responder (EMR), fire fighter (FF). He is a FELLOW of American Society of Civil Engineers and also an active member of several professional organizations such as: AREMA, PMI, AISC, NYSAPLS etc. His technical papers were accepted in multiple ASCE journals and various other organizations like ASCE, AREMA & NYSAPLS conference proceedings for presentation and or publication multiple times.




Live Webinar: Sun. April 24, 2022 Time 12:30pm to 4:30pm, Live Webinar: Attend all day