LIVE WEBINAR .. Analysis & Design of Deep Foundations

LIVE WEBINAR .. Analysis & Design of Deep Foundations


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Analysis & Design of Deep Foundations Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm 

This seminar/presentation will cover the salient features of the analysis and design of deep foundations. All structures need to have suitable foundation in or to stand. Since all the loads of the structures are finally transmitted to the foundation; there design must be judiciously made. The presentation consists of the brief introduction of deep foundations. A deep foundation is a type of foundation that transfers building loads to the earth farther down from the surface than a shallow foundation does to a subsurface layer or a range of depths. Deep foundation is required to carry loads from a structure through weak compressible soils or fills on to stronger and less compressible soils or rocks at depth, or for functional reasons. Deep foundations are founded too deeply below the finished ground surface for their base bearing capacity to be affected by surface conditions, this is usually at depths >3 m below finished ground level. Deep foundation can be used to transfer the loading to a deeper, more competent strata at depth if unsuitable soils are present near the surface. The various types of deep foundations in general use are hollow box foundations, caissons, cylinders, shaft foundations and pile foundations. Sample calculations will be presented of design of deep foundation of various types of soil conditions. This presentation will also include practical aspects (thumb rule) of design of deep foundation. Few illustrations of foundation failures will be done on account of poor design of deep foundation. Apart from that, discussion will be made on Types of Deep foundation and their suitability to various types of soil.

The main topics/highlights of this presentation are:

  1. Brief introduction of deep foundations.
  2. Practical aspects (Thumb rule) of design of deep foundation.
  3. Illustrations of foundation failures on account of poor design of deep foundation.
  4. Types of Deep foundation and their suitability to various types of soil
  5. Sample calculation of design of Deep foundation.
  6. Comparison between shallow and Deep foundation

DATE: Saturday April 10, 2021   LIVE WEBINAR ONLY


2 CEU’s / PDH: Professional Development Credits


Avinash Prasad, PE, LS, F.ASCE, FF, EMTPrassad

Mr. Avinash Prasad is a Licensed Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor with more than 25 years of civil engineering and project management experience. As a registered professional engineer and land surveyor (NJ, NY, CT, MA, RI), he specializes in bridge asset management and structural evaluation of bridges, particularly suspension bridges. He is currently researching bridge asset management for his doctoral dissertation at New York University.  He has received dual MS degrees in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management from NJIT and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from India. He has more than 1000 hours of continuing professional education as instructor/participating professional. He is a NJ state certified emergency medical technician (EMT), emergency medical responder (EMR), and firefighter (FF). He is also a certified CPR, AED administer. He is a fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers and an active member of several professional organizations such as: AREMA, PMI, AISC, NYSAPLS, IPWE, IRT and IIBE. The ASCE, Railway Age and Railway Track & Structure conference proceedings has accepted many of his technical papers for presentation and/or publication.


LIVE WEBINAR .. Saturday April 10, 2021 10:30am-12:30pm