Introduction to Radiologic & Imaging Sciences & Patient Care- Textbook

Introduction to Radiologic & Imaging Sciences & Patient Care- Textbook


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“Introduction to Radiologic Sciences and Patient Care”, 7th Edition, by Arlene Adler & Richard Carlton

Learn the professional and patient care skills you need for clinical practice! The updated appendices address practice standards, professional organizations, state licensing agencies and the ARRT code of ethics, and patient’s rights information to provide students with additional information about professional opportunities and obligations, as well as prepare them for what they will encounter in the practice environment. Current digital imaging and instrumentation provide you with the important information you need for clinical success.

This textbook will be used to complete the following Home Study Courses:

 Introduction to Imaging and Radiologic Sciences

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Strategies

Radiology Administration

Human Diversity

Patient Interactions

Safe Patient Movement & Handling Techniques

Medical Emergencies

Professional Ethics

Health Records & Health Information Management

Medical Law




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