Introduction to Forensic Engineering: Live Class




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Introduction to Forensic Engineering
This eight hour course will provide the student with a basic introduction to forensic engineering. Topics
will include: methods of investigation; developing sources of information; preparing proposals and
reports; documentation/record keeping specific to investigations and expert work; carrying out the
investigation; ethics; standard terms and conditions; legal considerations for the engineer; and procedures
to be followed during litigation.

Course elements

  1. When is the investigation required
  2. What are the elements of an investigation
    1. The scientific method
    2. Problem definition
    3. Client definition i. Emotional issues
    4. Resolution of conflicts
    5. Program
    6. Budget
    7. Scope
    8. Limitations
    9. Team/organization
    10. Approach
    11. Tools – analytical, site, laboratory, other
    12. Cycle of Hypothesis/Testing/Results m. Polemics n. Reporting
  3. Daubert and the law, an engineer’s viewpoint
  4. Testimony
    1. Depositions
    2. Mediation
    3. Arbitration
    4. Trial
      1. State
      2. Federal
  5. Ethics
  6. Examples
    1. Residential
    2. Construction
    3. Historic
    4. Commercial Course materials will be handed out during the class


6 Ceu’s/Professional Development Credits


Mr. James S. Cohen, P.E.

A wide and diverse breadth of experience over 40 years, including disaster response and mitigation, failure analysis, natural hazard mitigation and response, dynamics, advanced analysis techniques, and instrumentation. He has also been admitted in court as an expert in structural, collapse, engineering investigations, building engineering, concrete and other related issues. Other projects he has been involved with demolition; collapse investigation; building damage due to various causes, building and tunnel leak mitigation; vibration and fatigue testing; cable design; blast analysis; existing facilities; cranes; towers; scaffolding; and dynamic impact analysis.


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Sunday March 24, 2019: Time 9am to 3:30pm