How to Retire Right – Non-Credit for All but Massage Therapy




This course is approved for 3 CEUs for Massage Therapists through the NCBTMB. It is offered NON-CREDIT to all others and is open to anyone, including friends and family.* 

Registration is required. Tuition applies to all attendees.

OBJECTIVE:  This course is designed to be interactive and Q&A is highly encouraged.  No personal advice will be given during the course since each person’s circumstances are different.  This course is for educational purposes only and no specific financial products will be promoted.  As an attendee, you will learn critical information that everyone should know, including how you may be able to:

  • Protect your personal and business assets from creditors
  • Accumulate an additional $2 million in pension plan assets
  • Increase your deductions as an owner/employee of a professional “C” corporation
  • Multiply non-taxed corporate retirement plan assets
  • Maximize deductions for corporate employee benefit programs
  • Make compounding interest work on your behalf to accumulate as much in retirement savings as allowed by law
  • Efficiently structure your financial life, so you can spend less time working toward financial independence and more time enjoying it.

 Lecture which includes:  Illustrated/interactive textbook, checklists and self-help tools, and complimentary private consultation with instructor

Course Outline

  1. Life Planning for Retirement
    1. Traditional vs. new retirement
    2. New retirement opportunities
    3. Values and objectives in nine areas of life
    4. Planning process
  2. Retirement Needs and Expenses
    1. Early retirement funds
    2. How long must your money last?
    3. Inflation, prices and purchasing power
    4. Retirement expectations
    5. How much will you need?
    6. Can you retire today?
  3. Retirement Roadblocks & Mistakes
    1. Ten planning mistakes
    2. Financial and cash-flow statements
    3. Credit and debt
    4. Taxes and marginal tax rates
    5. Eleven strategies to save money on taxes
    6. Taxable investments
    7. Capital gains income tax exclusion
    8. Investments and tax advantages
  4. Retirement Income Sources
    1. Traditional, Roth IRAs
    2. Roth conversions
    3. Other income sources
    4. Social security eligibility and benefits
    5. Employment income and social security
    6. Employer-sponsored defined benefit plans
    7. Employer-sponsored defined contribution plans
  5. Retirement Plan Distributions
    1. Retiring or changing jobs?
    2. Three important considerations
    3. Lump sum vs. transfers vs. annuity payments
    4. Rollover and direct transfers
    5. Pension maximization
  6. Investments
    1. Considerations before you invest
    2. Cash, Stocks and bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, UITs
    3. Individually managed accounts
    4. Tax-deferred annuities
    5. Risk management strategies
  7. Risk Management & Protection
    1. Disability insurance
    2. Health Insurance and Medicare
    3. Long-term care insurance
    4. Comparing life insurance
  8. Estate Planning
    1. Planning for incapacity
    2. Taxes
    3. Probate
    4. Gifting assets
    5. Joint ownership of property
    6. Trusts


Instructor:  Brad Katz, CWS®, AIF®–  is the founder of Lifelong Investments LLC and is a Registered Principal with First Allied Securities with more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. Specializing in comprehensive wealth management services, Brad works with each client to determine their specific goals and objectives before crafting a customized strategy designed to not only grow their wealth, but to also protect, distribute, and transfer their wealth.

Brad has frequently been recognized for his work in his community. Selected as one of the top financial advisors in New Jersey, he was named as a Five Star Wealth Manager professional in New Jersey Monthly magazine from 2012 through 2015.

Brad is a Certified Wealth Strategist® practitioner and holds securities licenses 7, 24, 51, 63, and 65, and is a licensed life and health insurance provider in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and North Carolina. He graduated cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business.

Brad attained the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® credential in 2016.  Attainment of the AIF credential demonstrates understanding of the Prudent Practices and methodology.

*See our affiliate, Dental Studies Institute’s website, Dental professionals can also earn 3 CEUs for this class.


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Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 6:00-9:00pm