Framing and Foundations : What the Home Inspector Needs to Know


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Purpose of this program is to discuss foundations and framings, basic construction, installations, maintenance, defects, pros & cons, and safety.

1. Introduction:
2. Walls
a. Interior walls and insulation
b. Interior walls
c. Wall headers
d. Wall studs
e. Firewalls

3. Floors
a. Sub-floors
b. Floor joists
c. Floor supports
-wood columns
-metal columns
d. Floor insulation and ventilation
e. Concrete floor

4. Ceilings
a. Ceiling joists
b. Ceiling supports
c. Ceiling insulations
d. Ceiling ventilations
5. Roof Frames
a. Gable roof
b. Hip roof
c. Shed roof
d. Lower pitch roof
e. Flat roof
f. Multi pinched roof


6. Foundation Types
a. Stone/Brick
b. Solid concrete
c. Masonry block
d. Terra cotta tile
e. Gravel and Concrete
f. Pre-cast
g. Concrete with rebar
h. Slab-on-grade

7. Foundation Problems
a. Cracks and footings
b. Settlement
c. Movement
-Normal & Abnormal
d. Environmental
-soil, drainage, vegetation & erosion

8. Basic Repairs & Prevention
a. Settlement repair
b. Maintenance
c. Reinforcements
d. Anchoring
e. Bracing
Instructor: William Chow, N.J. State Licensed Home Inspector

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Saturday March 30, 2019 :Time 9am to 12pm