Course #3: Fire Pumps, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Solar Photovoltaic Systems


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Fire pumps-and NEC Article 695 – Topics include : Introduction to       Motor Driven Fire Pumps , Power Source(s) for  Fire Pumps, Continuity of Power to a Fire Pump, Transformers in the Fire Pump Circuit, Power Wiring to a Fire Pump and Applicable Standards

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems NEC Article 625 This course provides an understanding of all electrical wiring and equipment installed between the service point and the skin of the automotive-type electric vehicle. It starts with basic definitions, wiring methods, equipment construction control and protection and Electric Vehicle supply equipment.

 Solar Photovoltaic Systems NEC Article 690 This course provides an introduction to the photovoltaic electrical energy systems array circuit, inverters, change controllers, which may be interactive with other electrical power sources. Emphasis is placed in the installation and wiring of these systems per NEC690 Requirements


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Instructor: Constantinos Papademas PE- Instructor # 14, Constantinos is a licensed professional engineer with 35 years of teaching experience in the areas of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical systems. He is a licensed electrical contractor, electrical inspector, sub-code official, HVACR contractor and a plumbing contractor. He is also a member of the NJ State Board of examiners of Electrical Contractors.

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Wednesday March 21, 2018 ; 3:30m to 10:00pm, Saturday March 17 , 2018 ; 8:00am to 2:30pm