Course 5: Basic First Aid for Fire Burg (SAF-13(6)C027)

Course 5: Basic First Aid for Fire Burg (SAF-13(6)C027)


Heartsaver First Aid
Course Objective: Upon completion of this program the student will be able to understand the basic framework of skills required to save a life or prevent further injury.

Method of Instruction: Lecture, Skills Assessment
American Heart Association First Aid program Outline :
1.First Aid Basics
Rescuer Duties
Deciding to provide first aid
Asking to give first aid
Supplying the first aid kit
Victim and Rescuer Safety
Assessing the scene
Washing hands
Universal precautions
Exposure to blood
Taking off gloves, demonstration of skill
Phoning for Help
When to phone for help
How to phone for help
Determining the problem
After the emergency
Sample First Aid Kit
2. Medical Emergency Topics
Breathing Problems
Choking in a adult
Allergic reactions
Heart attack
Diabetes and low blood sugar
3. Injury Emergencies
Bleeding you can see
Head, Neck , and Spine injuries
Broken Bones and Sprains
Burns and Electrical Injuries
4. Environmental Emergencies
Bites and Stings
Heat-related emergencies
Cold – related emergencies
Poison emergencies
5. Questions and Answers
Skills Summary and Testing, An American Heart Association completion card with be issued within 2 weeks of  of class completion

This program is a Basic First Aid approved for CE credits for the Burglar/Fire/ and Locksmith professions

8 CEUs

Instructor: American Heart Association Instructors


Thursday August 11, 2022 2:00pm-10:00pm