Advanced Hot Stone Technique: The Rothstone




Hot stone therapy has become one of the most requested spa treatments around the world.  This revolutionary hot stone technique developed by Dr. Henry Roth uses a patented hand-carved stone called the Rothstone, made from a variety of stones such as black agate which is a healing and protective gemstone along with travertine and serpentine, also derived from the gemstone kingdom each with their own healing properties.

The Rothstone has the ability, unlike any stone in the market, to conform to all of the hard and soft tissue of the human anatomy with airtight conformity. The heat retention factor of these stones are sustained longer than the basalt stone and it takes the hot stone therapist ”to the next highest level” by allowing them to extend their career longevity to perform deep-tissue work by allowing deeper penetration and sparing the overuse of the thumb, hands and wrist to perform deep-tissue work on the client.

The Y-shape of the stone allows the therapist to perform a deep tissue massage technique that surpasses the traditional oval basalt stone method.

This workshop will prove to be a wonderful addition to your current use of hot stone therapy or as a customized hot stone therapy added to your menu of services.


Therapists will be instructed to distinguish between LaStone therapy and the Rothstone which uses one to two stones at a time. They will be able to manage these stones in the classical style of Swedish massage and apply the methods for medical massage demonstrated in the workshop

Participants will be taught to utilize the Rothstone as an adjunct to their already established hot stone therapy in the spa setting or activate it onto their menu of services as a new technique.

Participants will be able to appraise their current understanding of the benefits, contraindications and care of the stone and employ the sanitation criteria recommended by the Geo-thermal Association.

The therapist will be taught the sequence of how to properly utilize heat temperatures and be able to transfer the Rothstone safely to and from the heating vessel in order to maintain the flow of the massage without interruption.

Therapist will be instructed to perform a complete Swedish massage with the integration of the Rothstones and apply the methods demonstrated for several medical massage applications. This is a supervised hands-on practice in which the therapist will become familiar with Under the Stone technique.

The therapist will be able to employ a procedure for proper sanitation of the stones and heating vessel by verbalizing each step to the instructor so the recall will be easily remembered.

The therapist will be able to perform demonstrated positioning and hand gliding techniques with the Rothstones on different parts of the anatomy with ease and confidence to their satisfaction.

The therapist will be able to reproduce how the Rothstone is used to ensure adequate conformity of the heated stone upon soft-tissue surfaces and bony surfaces. Feedback from workshop participants will be encouraged so the student will receive the reinforcement to comprehend what is required to apply the sustained compression and slow gliding method that the Rothstone is cut for.

Participants who successfully complete this workshop will be ready to return to the spa or private setting to reproduce with ease and confidence the Rothstone heated stone massage.

General Agenda for Course:

Discuss the origins of heated stone therapy and the current method used today
Introduction to the Rothstone, origin of the Y shape and the versatility of each contour
Choose student from class to demonstrate where the stone contours are used on the body
Distinguish between LaStone therapy and Under the Stone
Explain the benefits of Under the Stone
Identify questions for a good intake form
Discuss contraindications of hot stone therapy, the effects of medication, side effects and
which people you need to be concerned about
Examine the procedure for caring of the “Rothstone” and begin with the use of proper
heating vessel, water temperature and what not to do to the stone
Examine the sanitization criteria from the Geothermal Association regarding stones used in hot stone therapy
Demonstration of how to use the “Rothstone” in Swedish massage
Practicum-hands on practice, emphasize proper holding and gliding applications

Materials required of attendees: two towels, a sheet, a spray bottle with alcohol in it.

Rothstones will be available for purchase. There is no obligation to buy.

6 CEUs

Instructor: Dr. Henry Roth,DC, LMT, AMTA, Board Approved Continuing Education Provider (NCBTMB)

Instructor Bio: For over 4 decades, Dr. Henry Roth has been involved with patient care since his earliest beginnings as a physical medicine therapist at East Orange V.A. Medical Center in East Orange, New Jersey to his current position as a Board Approved Continuing Education Provider.   In 1988 he was one of 200 selected massage therapists from across the country to join his colleagues to be part of the American Massage Olympic Team at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. At the age of 50, he graduated from Life University in Georgia with a doctorate in Chiropractic. He has several certifications in a variety of manual therapies that he shares with healthcare professionals in his workshops.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020 11:00am-5:30pm