2 Hour Gas Piping Mandatory Program: Generator Gas Piping Installation for Electrical Contractors

2 Hour Gas Piping Mandatory Program: Generator Gas Piping Installation for Electrical Contractors


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Natural Gas Piping Installations for Generator Systems

This program fullfills the required “one time” program that is needed to install gas pipping for Generators

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The regulations of the Board of Electrical Contractors allow licensees to install Natural Gas Piping for Generator Only Licensees who perform this work shall have a minimum of two hours of continuing education training on the subject from a Board Approved course and instructor.

The Board of Examiners of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractors has proposed amendments to its regulations to provide an exemption to licensing requirements for certain electrical contractors when they install, maintain, or repair gas piping while installing or repairing electrical generators.  The proposed amendments also revise limitations on electrical work that licensed master heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration contractors may perform. 

P.L. 2019, c. 260 establishes that a licensed electrical contractor who has completed continuing education in the installation of gas piping relevant to electric generators is authorized to install, maintain, or repair gas piping associated with electric generators without holding a license from the Board.  The proposed amendments effectuate P.L. 2019, c. 260.

This two-hour course fulfils this requirement by:

Course Description:

a. Reviewing generator specifications and identify their natural gas

b. Identifies the available piping material and installation methods
(black pipe, galvanized, CCST, Polyethelyne underground and others)
utilized in generator installation

c. Identifies the codes (international fuel gas code, international
mechanical national fuel gas code, and other) requirements applicable on
the specific gas piping material used.

d. Explains the selection of approved gas piping fitting materials

Instructor: Constantinos Papademas PE- Instructor # 14, Constantinos is a licensed professional engineer with 35 years of teaching experience in the areas of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical systems. He is a licensed electrical contractor, electrical inspector, sub-code official, HVACR contractor and a plumbing contractor. He is also a member of the NJ State Board of examiners of Electrical Contractors.


Attend at our School: Tuesday February 20, 2024 Time: 7pm to 9pm, Live Webinar: Tuesday February 20, 2024 Time: 7pm to 9pm